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In New Kindle Vella Release, “Nightmare Journals”

Podcaster/Writer Tommy B Dives Into The Genre Of His Youth.


Industry: Horror Books  

Atlanta, GA (CASTROPOLIS PODCAST NETWORK) October 22nd, 2022


Listen to the Redding News Review interview with Tommy B!



With his latest e-book, Nightmare Journals, author Tommy B delivers horror, thrills and chills inspired by his love for the television shows and movies he grew up on in Atlanta, Georgia.  Each story draws the reader in with a tale of mystery and suspense. 













Nightmare Journals  

"I grew up in the foster care system in Atlanta. For me, that meant a lot of television, radio, and reading. The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Outer Limits were a regular part of my nights. I was also a huge Stephen King fan and read just about all of his books prior to the movie adaptations. The first time I saw The Exorcist in the theatre and witnessed the audience reaction, I knew this genre was for me. I also believe it’s important for the continued growth of Black voices in horror."


The first two stories of Nightmare Journals are now available in the Kindle Vella format. Enjoy these tales best using the Kindle App. Story number three is available October 30, 2022.  


About the Author 

Tommy B was born and raised, in Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives in a southern suburb of Atlanta. This is his first published novel. Tommy is the creator and owner of the Castropolis Podcast Network. He hosts the weekly podcast, “This Is The G Podcast.”  


About Castropolis 

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About “This Is The G Podcast” 

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About Kindle Vella 

Kindle Vella is an additional platform from KDP, built specifically for serialized stories. On the platform, it allows writers to release episodes of their stories, which are then available to readers on mobile devices and online. Episode 1-3 are free.  

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